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About Uniform

The SJI promotes the wearing of school uniform at all times. It gives the children a sense of belonging and creates a sense of identity. We expect all children to wear uniform to show we are a part of our SJI schools.

St. Joseph’s International School Uniform

The following items are the uniform from full session in the School.

Grey with white Pocket trousers. Leggings or jeans are not acceptable and neither are skinny or tight trousers.

Knee length grey with white pockets shorts. Short/tight shorts or sports shorts are not acceptable.

Knee length Grey with white Strips skirts. Any child who has a skirt that is too short will be lent a spare skirt of an appropriate length. The schools insist on this and we are preparing them for the future.

White socks or tights.

Black shoes or boots.  These must be plain in colour/design, with no logos. Shoes with heels, ugg type boots are not acceptable. If a child’s shoes are not suitable for school and do not meet the uniform code then we will ask them to change into their plimsolls for indoor use.

Black flat sandals. Socks should be worn if a child chooses to wear sandals and they must be suitable for playing outside. Children will not be allowed to use the adventure playgrounds if they are wearing sandals.

White shirts with gray color, gray button line strips and cuffs.  We accept shirts with the coloured logo on. We have chosen this as plain white shirts can be bought cheaply from any shop.

Gray round or V’ neck sweaters, sweatshirts or cardigans.  The School logo on, which will be the white version of the logo. If you are buying from elsewhere, then please make sure you have the correct colour. Please see information on this page for alternate suppliers.


Multicolor track suit for all students for whole year for sports and events  


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