Our Mission & Vision

The SJI School's future will be shaped by his Vision.

Our Mission

We set sail therefore to further propel the strong foundations of our vision upon which we base our objectives.
  • Developing the student's capabilities from a global perspective by instilling self-confidence in order to be able to contribute to community life, build tolerance & accountability.
  • A student with knowledge, attitude, skills, social and moral values which enhances their personality development, physical and psycho-social capabilities.
  • The delivery of curriculum by incorporating activities based on the Multiple Intelligence theory of different aspects that leads to literacy, inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • To help every child observe & explore learning from Mother Nature & day to day happening in our close surrounding.
  • To foster feeling of brotherhood among learners and mould them to develop broad outlook with local roots and global understanding.
  • To ensure to provide ample opportunity to every child to become confident, goal oriented and sensitive to other human beings in a safe, tranquil, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment.
  • To blend the strong cultural fundamentals of the traditional as well as modern teaching methods with pre-advanced modern learning tools, thus providing a new direction in world education and above all making every child, co-creators of their own destiny.

These qualities are effectively achieved through professional coaching in sports, creative and personality enhancement activities

Our Vission

  • We aim to be a premier global educational institution which develops the human resource for our dynamic and expanding community, the state, the nation, the region and the world at large.
  • Through our institutions, we will cultivate all round development of qualities in a student.
  • To prepare young learners to face stiff competition in every walk of Life with skills and abilities.
  • To help students grow physically fit, mentally alert, emotionally strong with a strong feeling of patriotism to create a niche for themselves.
  • To make SJI a learning community that provides value based education that shall foster academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health, social consciousness and concern for environment.
  • To strengthen the basic foundation and thereafter develop young individuals who think, question and are curious through inquiry based learning and project work.
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